auther manifesto

With the development of technology, things like CCTV is playing a more and more
important role in our life. When you are walking on the street, if you see something
you want to expose. Just take out your smart phone, take the photo or video and
than put it on the twiter or youtube. Thousands of people will see it immediately. We
are experiencing a life which is exposing other’s life and being exposed by others. It
seems like everyone have the equarller power to speak out than before. But actually
nobody can ‘hear’ your voice. Because everyone have their own idea of their ideology.
Everybody is being isolated. Just like each person’s living in a cube with a camera
in one corner. So, we want to use the illustration to show the loneliness and the
situation of everyone being isolated in 4 different ways.

In the world with the CCTVs everywhere,everyone can watch people and everyone’s
being watched at the same time.With the rise of the individual power, it seems
like everyone can speak out more equally. But actually the central power of the ideology
is going to disapear. Everyone has different ideas but they can’t get together.
Then the society will become a Chaos.